Some thoughts on the tendency to glaze our frustrations with a coat of negativity against the other, via fun personal blog I follow:

The Failed Grown Up


Ok, I know every generation does this at some point. They look down on the younger generation, pick apart what they’re doing, and point out everything wrong with them. Every generation is lazy, entitled, and looking for a free ride compared to the generation before them, apparently.

But the amount of hate being thrown at kids today is just boggling my mind!

Now, one thing I want to point out is that I am in that weird group that was once Generation Y, but then got erased and kinda absorbed into the millennials. I was a kid when the NES and Sega Genesis game out. I can remember playing Duck Hunt for hours, with the gun up against the screen. I can remember having to put almost a dozen AA batteries into my Sega GameGear to get a few hours of play time out of it. I was around when…

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