This first post at Gen-Xing is an appreciated, retitled share from another WordPress user who’s apparently “inbetween” generational classifications–no doubt an interesting, challenging place to reside.

Upon reading it, I realized that I’ve often felt the same, simply being of the “Generation X“. I’ve been suspicious of the term for years and wondering how to give voice to our unique place in society. Am I the only suspicious one? What were the linguists trying to say when they decided it’d be appropriate to classify an entire generation of people as “X”?

Gen-Xers ourselves are the true betweeners, being smallest in generational number and therefore smallest in demographic consideration, especially during times of acceptance, provision or stress. Gen-Xers could be the most independently-minded generation we’ve seen (since society began to stop the use of kids as adults in various societal circumstances) due in part to their trusted, legally protected upbringing in a progressive society. Yet, we hardly have a voice today despite an overall excellence in societal contribution. Instead, we live today tagged as the unfortunate, forgotten (first by their parents) free-range generation.

What do you think?

Enjoy the share text, highlighted below (from which we gained the image above, entitled “The Generations in the Workplace):

I’m getting started on this blog which was begun to emphasize that there is a group of people that don’t fit into the mainstream’s interpretation of demographic group which I identified us as “The Inbetweeners” born 1960-65. Lo and behold the image shown was shared on Linked In to help employers identify the likelihood of […]

via There’s no place like a child of InBetweeners — inBETWEENers

Thank you, to the original poster for sharing of themselves, and for the inspirational image as well. During this time when many Gen-Xers have lost their hats in an economy that doesn’t care about them . . . because they don’t really have a lobby interest that addresses them all as a group. Another question:

What will the retirement of Gen-Xers look like?